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Social Innovation Academy will be the first European, fully online programme focusing exclusively on social innovation. The project, launched and lead by Limitless from Luxembourg and executed by several partners from across Europe (including Harvard Business Review Poland and Found.ation from Greece), will finish in August 2019. We are funded by the European Commission, under the Erasmus+ programme for professional education and training.


What is social innovation? In short, any innovation that is social in its ends or in its means. In practice, social innovations take form of social enterprises, corporate innovation projects, non-profit projects, public sector programs, grass-root movements or community projects.


On February 28th, we will gather to discuss about Social Innovation and how our project can help you become a successful Social Innovator yourself. We will present preliminary results of the project, most notably the conclusions of research on core social innovation skills (we’re proud to share they have been published by London School of Economics) as well as our analysis of the social innovation training landscape in Europe. Most importantly, we will reveal the beta version of the Academy itself, officially launching the testing phase of the project. It will be a great opportunity to get to know with all the amazing guests. As this is a by-invitation event, everyone in the room will be relevant to the topic and we hope you will be able to make great connections.





President and CEO of The Nest Social Cooperative Enterprise

Fiori is an academic and a social entrepreneur; holds an award winning PHD on Social Entrepreneurship and Cand.Post Doc on Slavery free Supply Chains. She is the Project Leader of the Pilot City of Athens on Public Procurement Trafficking free supply chains. The central speaker at UN Women Day ’18 & The central character of the Swiss documentary ‘One Over Many’ by Daphne Bengoa, Produced by Fluxum Foundation. Executive Producer of TV Show Founder & CEO of social inclusion for refugees, employment refugee matching platform, the rebirth of iconic Zita Hellas Sneakers and The Nest Centre on Social Entrepreneurship. Country Coordinator of the global movement Fashion in Greece, the Coordinator of Raise Your Voice Festival against Human Trafficking. Academic Coordinator of the incubation programmes of European consortia “Blue Social Growth”; “Social Growth for Trafficking and Refugees”; “Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs”;  TEDx talk ‘Are you still dreaming how to be a Doer?”. Her research has been published in international conferences and research books. Follow her Twitter FB LinkedIn  #soffagr #thenestgreece #fiorizita;




Dimitris Raftopoulos is focused on Strategic Human Resources Management and Gender Diversity and Digital Jobs activities specializing in designing, implementing, managing and evaluating European Projects. Holding an MBA he has dedicated his professional experience to human and entrepreneurial development. His knowledge is in the fields of combating gender segregation issues in the working environment, promotion of employability, strengthening of professional skills as well as EU-funded programmes related to local development, employment, education, social exclusion, entrepreneurship, relevant legislation, economics and social policies. He is a social person and he can interact well in a multicultural environment with good communicating skills gained through his work experience. He has work experience with focus on Financial Aspects and is a member at several networks and Scientific Committees. The last years he has dedicated his work efforts in the Ageing Workforce area, as well in the effective usage of ICT in terms of training and development with focus on interactive and multimedia tools. He has been involved in many EU projects and has a solid knowledge on managerial issues, building teams and on stimulating communications. Dimitris is a speaker on numerous occasions and is involved on policy formulation activities.


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