The risk of startup failure and how to minimize it (TIF19)

Συμμετοχή Έληξε η διάθεση

The seminar is part of the Thessaloniki International Fair (T.I.F.)

Where: Digital Greece Pavilion 12, Stage 2

Preregistration is required. Entry ticket for the fair applies.

Creating a startup means trying something new. Something that might have never been tried before. It means investing time and resources in the hope of high returns but without any guarantee of success. Innovation and risk go hand in hand. And the truth is that the majority of startups ultimately fail to cross the chasm that separates initial success in the early adopter market from sustainable success in the mainstream market. Failure is just part of the startup game. But many times, a product and company failure could have been avoided. Entrepreneurs can be smarter about how they validate the need for a new product in the market so that they can adapt their strategy as early as possible. In this talk we will discuss some common misconceptions about startup risk and some of the tools available to entrepreneurs to increase their chances of success. 

Duration: 1 Hour

By: Dimitris Kourtessis, Program Manager & Startup Coach OK!Thess


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Τρίτη, 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019 6:00 μμ


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