Supercharging WP Development/ Surviving Google|SEO Principles for WordPress & WooCommerce (TIF19)

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The seminar is part of the Thessaloniki International Fair (T.I.F.)

Where: Digital Greece Pavilion 12, Stage 2

Preregistration is required. Entry ticket for the fair applies.


"Supercharging WP Development"

In this presentation we will discuss modern techniques and tools that make our daily lives better. How we can save time by doing automated daily chores and how (and why) we can measure our time spent with accuracy. 
Examples and tips for a fun and productive workflow. 

By: Vangelis Papaioannou,  Lead Developer at Nuttifox and co-founder of Gatsboy

"Surviving Google | SEO Principles for WordPress & WooCommerce"

Survival lessons for your presence on the first page of "Organic Results" of the first in-use search engine. 
Forecasts for the coming years regarding the "disappearing" organic results. 
How can you prepare your WordPress - WooCommerce mechanism today for the changes coming to Google search engine results over the next few years? 
Adapt your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques today. 
Keep up with the changes in Search Engine Optimization and build a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy on them. 

By: Elias Tsaldaris, Google Partner in the Google Ads, Founder of Innovation Group, Data Analyst / SEM - SEO Consultant

Duration: 2 Hours


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Τρίτη, 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019 7:00 μμ


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