Five facts to understand the digital transformation in companies

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This generates many advantages when it comes to adapting to new work rhythms and how the world of work in general works today, but many times it is not an easy task, despite the fact that more and more systems and tools are being implemented to speed up these processes. In this post we will review some of the most important aspects of the digital transformation in companies.

Digital transformation in companies: why is it so important

All kinds of corporations such as meowessay have joined, or will soon join, the definitive change brought about by the digital transformation. Here we explain some of the reasons why it is so important:

Products are increasingly digital, and they are consumed or used within the same format. From content generated in social networks to the very storage of the company's own data, you can access all this from your mobile device and through the Internet.

Faster and more efficient in meeting objectives. Thanks to new technologies, efficiency improves considerably, both for employees and for the final product.

Advertising and marketing is reinvented, being in contact with the customer at all times. Thanks to tools such as social networks, the digital transformation in companies allows to know the client in advance to elaborate the advertising campaigns in order to obtain the best results.

Some facts about the digital transformation

As companies move towards these changes, the results are beginning to be seen very clearly. Here are some facts to better understand these facts:

There are sectors in which it is easier to carry out the digital transformation in companies. Some of them are related to distribution and transportation. Of course, those that top the list are those related to Technology and Communication.

More and more, companies are implementing digital training courses for their employees, so that in the future they will not have problems when using tools and software. In our country, only 20% of the companies claim not to have provided any kind of training to their employees.

In Spain these tools are mostly used: Mobile Applications, Big Data, Cloud Services, Social Networks. E-Commerce and 3D Printing. This order predominates especially within the industrial, energy and health sectors.

The main problems involved in the digital transformation of companies are: resistance to change, cost, lack of competition and qualified professionals and security risk.

What companies value most when it comes to reaping the benefits of the digital transformation is the improvement it brings to the way they deal with their customers. At the same time, digitalization means improving the user experience and communication with the company, a very important part of any organization.

As many experts say, resistance to change will eventually disappear, as this digital transformation is imminent, and at the same time it is growing and changing as new technologies applied to companies are reinvented. Once this barrier is overcome, many will be able to see first-hand how beneficial it can be.


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