12th CGS Model United Nations - Form I

Form I (Notice of Participation) 12th CGSMUN 2017

Dear MUN Advisor/Director,

by completing this Form you are expressing interest in having your school participate in the 12th CGSMUN Conference. Please note that your participation to the conference is not verified until you receive a confirmation email by the CGSMUN Executive Board.

In this Form you will be requested to provide us with your own and your school's contact information, the number of delegates you would like to bring and your preferences regarding country assignments. For more information on the available Committees, agenda topics, the rules of procedure and the country list, please refer to the Conference's website.

In case any of your experienced students are interested in applying for positions as Student and ICJ Officer please remember to collect all required documents from all applicants and send them in one email to the Secretariat e-mail address: secr_mun@cgs.edu.gr. Apart from these documents we require your letter of Recommendation and a ranking in case more students apply for the same positions (Student Officer, ICJ Presidency, ICJ Judge, ICJ Advocate).

Thank you very much for your interest in attending our Conference!

The CGSMUN Executive Board

Delegation Registrations period has ended.


Kato Viglas
153 51 Pallini

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