8 Kinds of Therapy Animals other than Dogs

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Looking for an emotional support animal but cannot choose any? Cats and dogs are the more common choices but there are many people hi are either allergic to cats or do not like the loud personalities of the dogs.

However, no matter what animal you choose, you will have to get a valid ESA letter that you should never get without checking an ESA letter online. There are many companies that scam people but you can prevent this by checking an online letter first.

Not just humans, pets can put on weight during holidays too ...

If you are one of such people that do not want to bring a cat or a dog at home but need an ESA then, luckily, you can choose from an extensive list of animals. Below, we have listed 10 such animals that make great ESAs and they are not dogs or cats.

  1. Ducks

Do you know that you can train ducks to be emotional support and service animals? While they will not offer the same level of services as that of a dog or a miniature horse, they could definitely alert you of some minor PTSD and anxiety attacks. Besides, these quacking creatures are fun to watch and you can also keep more than one ducks.

  1. Miniature Horses

Miniature horses could be used both as service and emotional support animals and only second in line to dogs. They are considered to be an excellent combination of a manageable size and core benefits of a horse. They are easygoing and have therapeutic benefits like helping a person ease their depression and uneasiness.

  1. Turtles

Looking for something that is easy to manage and do not need much of a space and time? Turtles are perfect for people who are busy and do not have time to groom a cat or a dog. Box turtles are quite social and they could help kids and adults that are shy and have difficulties socializing with others. However, Dont forget to get Emotional support dog letter to spend a happy life with your dog.

  1. Rabbits

Probably the most preferred animals other than cats, dogs and miniature horses, rabbits are gentle and make great pets and ESAs for kids and adults alike. They have a distinct and loads of personality and they bond really well with their owners. Theor soft and ‘huggable’ personality wards off tension and watching them running around is quite funny also.

  1. Donkeys

Donkeys are generally sweet-tempered and easygoing than many other animals. Their calm nature makes them excellent for kids as they make them feel comfortable and increase their self-confidence. Their calm and gentle nature makes them ideal for petting and they make great ESAs for people who had suffered from psychological and physical abuse.

  1. Goats

Like donkeys and horses, goats also make excellent emotional support and therapy animals. Goats may not be as gentle and easy to manage as some other animals but they are easily trainable and make great companions for children with disabilities. Keeping this in view, goal therapies have also started that help people with anxiety and social fear issues.

  1. Sheep

Sheep are mostly found in the barns and seeing them as ESAs and therapy animals is something quite unusual. But, since these animals are docile, calm and relaxed, they make excellent candidates to be an ESA. especially for the people suffering from anxiety and depression, watching these calm animals release the stress.

  1. Chicken

Do you know that watching chicken cluttering around release the stress? These lively birds could make your depression and anxiety go away in a fraction of time. Caring for them and watching the, running around is definitely something that you should not miss. Plus, you can get a supply of fresh eggs also.

Emotional support animals provide emotional ans psychological support to the people who are suffering from some form of trauma or mental illness. These animals make great companions and you can choose many others beside a cat or a dog. Always remeber that you need an esa letter to live peacefully with your esa dog.



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