8 Low Maintenance Birds for Busy People

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There are no low-maintenance birds, only the ones that could be managed easily. Birds come in all types and sizes and while the bigger ones need more space and care, the smaller ones are usually easier to house and loof after.

Getting an ESA letter is necessary in the case of other animals. However, with birds, you will need to ask the authorities if you will need an ESA letter for them. Just like their feathers, birds have colourful personalities that shine through their chirping.

psittaciform | Definition & Characteristics | Britannica

If you are looking for the bird species that are easier to take care of then the following list is for you. All the birds listed below are medium to small in size and are easy to look and clean after.


Doves are probably the easiest of the birds to handle and this is why they are listed on the top of this list. These birds love to interact and connect with their caregivers. They are medium in size, which makes them easier to handle and clean up after them is also a simple and easy process.

Make sure that you feed them a healthy diet and enough UV light to provide vitamin D for your bird. Always remember to check some esa letter online before applying for an esa letter.


These birds are probably the easiest to handle and room. They are the happiest when they have some of their friends with them. They need a roomy cage that allows freedom to fly around and out of the cage playtime. They do not make much noise and are ideal for people who are looking for quiet companions.


Just like finches, canaries are also small birds that do not like to be handled and do not need a large cage to be happy. However, they do have some requirements like a healthy diet and a cage that is big enough to allow them some flight.

The canaries are quiet birds and you can choose from its various varieties.However, Dont forget to get an Emotional support animal letter, So that you can take your pet anywhere you want without any ptoblem.


One of the many kinds of parrots, budgies are quite easy to keep. These birds bond quite well with their caretakers and they love to have lots of attention. To keep your budgie happy, give ample attention and toys to them. They are rather clean and make less mess than many other bigger and noisier birds.


Cockatiels are quite intelligent birds and they could be trained to follow your commands and do some awesome tricks. Like the budgies, they throve on plenty of out of the cage playtime and toys.

They are quite good at entertaining themselves and in a spacious cage, they will happily spend hours playing with their toys.


Lovebirds offer the best of both the worlds as they are small in size and are as charming as any parrot. Contrary to their reputation, you do not have to keep them in pairs. A single lovebird will do just as well provided that you spend some hours talking to them.

They will need a spacious cage to fly about freely and some bird-safe toys for chewing.

Pionus Parrot

These parrots are very devoted to their caregivers but they love to retain their freedom also. They are ideal if your routine requires that you lave your animal on its own for a couple of hours a day.

They are fine with amusing themselves but make sure that you give them at least some hours of out of the cage time.

Lineolated Parakeet

Many people mistake them to be budgies but they are different from them. These birds are one of the calmest of the parrots. Besides being social and ‘mess-free’, literally, these birds love to interact with their caretakers and spend time with them.

Being small in size, they do not take up much of a place and they are rather easy to accommodate.

Birds make excellent ESAs and pets but some may not be as easy to look after as others. The birds listed above are easy to accommodate and are ideal for the people who have less time to give to their animals.In the end checkout esa letter for housing before applying for an esa letter.



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