CapsuleT Application Form - 1st cycle Autumn 2019

Thank you for your interest to apply to our acceleration program which goal is to scale up tech startups focusing on travel & hospitality innovative solutions.

The acceleration program's main objective is to offer a rich content which will address the business needs of the participating startups, provide hands on learning opportunities and tools for their ventures as well as guidance on how to scale up their business in the travel & hospitality market.

The duration of the acceleration program for each cycle will be 3 months with the option for startups to stay as a resident additionally for 3 months and continue to use the facilities for free. Apart from workshops and mentoring sessions, the program is enriched with local events, pitching opportunities, meetups, industry site visits and networking activities. Moreover, extrovert activities through learning and networking sessions, participations at trade shows and delegations abroad are also a key element of the program, in order to connect Greek teams with the rest of the world.

For more information please check out our website or the link

Before entering your application, please read through the Application Questionsas well as the Rules and Conditions and the Eligibility Criteria of the program.

Important tips on how to complete your application:

1) Before submitting your application, please make sure you have carefully read the Application Questions.

2) Prepare all your answers in a separate file (e.g. word document) on your desktop. Keep in mind that there's a character limit per answer (as described in each question).

3) Take into account that, once you submit your answers, you will not be able to edit or remove them.

4) Kindly remember that only one application per team will be accepted.

⇒ Please note that the application period will be open from June 5th till July 22nd and the program will begin in September 2019.