Business Agility beyond Methods and Posters

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“Most organisations die of indigestions, not of starvation”

Business agility is not merely about changing direction faster, it’s necessary but not sufficient. Our aim is to respond to beneficial change, and be more resilient.

This means in addition to be able to change fast, also being able to identify when it’s needed, at all levels of the organisation.

Consider for a moment the flow of work through an organisation from idea to value.

Typically this journey more often takes years rather than months or weeks.

Months are spent waiting for scoping and planning, approval Committees and feasibility assessments. Then once the decision is finally made to go ahead,

If Business Agility requires being able to quickly adjust course.

Good ideas joining the back of a long, slow moving queue, meandering through an unfit process, to be delivered once every few months, is the opposite.


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