Corporate Responsibility Management Professional Certification Training

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In today’s competitive business environment, survivability presupposes adaptability. The essence and content of Sustainability is continuously changing as the world’s economy adapts to evolving global development strategies. For companies with international horizons and perspectives, Sustainability is becoming a prerequisite for survival. However, Sustainability practices need to be continuously updated to respond to new challenges.

The increasing significance of Sustainability is manifested not only by consumers’ vote of confidence to transparent enterprises, but also by the reinforcement of consumer movements that spot and publicize cases where Sustainability degenerates into public relations exercises, without real contribution to sustainability. Furthermore, the effective promotion of Sustainability sends a clear message to all interested stakeholders (employees, consumers, suppliers, Government and other members of the public sphere) regarding the organization’s accountability, transparency and responsibility practices and profile.

The objective of this training is to address the bottom line of corporate responsibility management to the overall corporate strategy, by presenting the necessary processes that need to be determined at the decision-making and operational levels (organizational structure) in order to look at the organization as a “whole” - consisting of unified parts acting in harmony to execute tasks and to achieve goals, both effectively and efficiently. 

The training presents the related legislation, methodologies and trends in the area of Corporate Responsibility Management, enabling participants to:

i. understand the necessary internal organizational processes that must be considered prior to embarking on the journey of sustainability, in order to ensure that the organization is viable enough to not just initiate this effort, but also sustain it, and

ii. design the Corporate Sustainability Strategy, in relation to the organization’s internal and external environments, by applying the recommended Close the Loop 10-step process .


The Course offers official certification, recognizing participants as Corporate Responsibility Management Professionals, issued by, a leading provider of sustainable business certification and training programs operating today in more than 50 countries and recognized through accrediting agencies with an international reach around the world.

Training Program

The training presents the related legislation and policy, methodologies and trends in the area of Corporate Responsibility Management, enabling participants to design and manage their organization’s Sustainability strategy. 

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Thursday, November 1, 2012 9:00 AM
Friday, November 2, 2012


District of Columbia, United States

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