Mental Health in Maternity - Cumbria

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We are delighted to welcome Consultant Obstetrian Dr Raja Gangopadhyay to Cumbria with the support of the Happy Mums Foundation. The venue will be Education Centre - NCUH NHS

It will be a relaxed afternoon with tea and sandwiches provided along with an overview of mental health conditions during pregnancy.

Start at 1pm - end 4pm.

The impact of untreated mental health conditions during pregnancy and post childbirth can be devastating. Psychological wellbeing is important for everyone during pregnancy, irrespective of the outcome of the pregnancy. We must all come together to ensure that the mothers (fathers and their families) with perinatal mental health conditions are appropriately supported with dignity and respect. No one should suffer in silence due to the fear of stigma and shame in this modern era of scientific advancement and human knowledge - Dr Raja Gangopadhyay, Consultant Obstetrician 

Dr Diane Speier - Birth, Growth and Healing

Mr Ajith Wijesirivardana -Consultant and Clinical Director of Obstetrics & Gynaecology NCUH NHS Cumbria 

Dr Veena Rao - Community Gynaecological Services

Sussane Remic 

Gemma Cairns - Happy Mums Foundation

Gareth Presch, Founder World Health Innovation Summit

 Dr Suresh Rao - Chair MSC NCUH


*Ticket's are limited and are on a first come first served basis. 


Saturday, December 3, 2016 1:00 PM



CA2 7HY Carlisle
Cumbria,United Kingdom

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