Open Data and Blockchains: An Opportunity to Re-imagine Your Business?

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Blockchain technologies have generated a lot of interest, primarily through their association to Cryptocurrencies. Much has been said, both positive and negative, and the subject is met with a certain degree of skepticism. However, Blockchain technologies go beyond their application to Cryptocurrencies. They have the potential to become an important component of our global data and service infrastructure. They introduce new models for distributed collaborative applications, data sharing and management. As such, they provide the means for disrupting various business verticals, beyond banking and payments.

It is true that Blockchain technologies promote a new generation of transactional applications that establish accountability, transparency, and trust.  It is also true that organizations that use them could benefit from the decentralized, efficient, and secure environment that Blockchain technologies introduce.  It is evident that Blockchain technologies introduce a fundamental paradigm shift by moving systems from a centralized management of trust and data model to a distributed peer-to-peer one. Such a shift does not come without its challenges, both technical and institutional. 

The Greek Chapter of Open Knowledge International in collaboration with the Hellenic Blockchain Huborganize a public discussion on the suitability of Blockchain technologies to various business verticals. Presentations and discussions address issues such as

  • How Blockchain technologies relate to Open Data?
  • Is the application of Blockchain technologies really the best solution for every problem?
  • How to plan, implement and execute a Blockchain migration strategy?
  • How to acquire, develop, and retain talent?

We explore a number of use-cases as well as the opportunities and challenges associated with the wide-adoption of the Blockchain technologies. In addition, the session aims to engage the participants in identifying areas of potential new projects; applications of Blockchains to different verticals; and building interest and initiatives as part of the OKF Network and the Hellenic Blockchain Hub.

Indicative topics of presentations (the final agenda will be announced in due time)

  • Introduction: Open Knowledge Foundation and Hellenic Blockchain Hub
  • Blockchain: Concepts and Challenges
  • Blockchain in business
  • Blockchain in Healthcare
  • Blockchain in Public Administration: potential , institutional requirements, legal and regulatory challenges
  • Real-world case study: Blockchain and Loyalty Rewards
  • Blockchain and Open Data
  • Capacity building: resources and roadmaps for consultants and developers
  • Discussion: Re-imagine your Business through Blockchain – Truths and Myths



11:15 Doors open  
11:30 Dr. Charalampos Bratsas, Chair, OKF Greece, AUTH Introduction: Open Knowledge Foundation
11:45 Mr. George Karamanolis, Chair, HBH, CIO/CTO Crowdpolicy Introduction:  Hellenic Blockchain Hub
12:00 Prof. Vassilios Vescoukis, NTUA, OKF Greece Blockchain: principles and challenges
12:20 Mr. George Karamanolis, Chair, HBH, CIO/CTO Crowdpolicy Blockchain in business
12:40 Prof. Panagiotis Bamidis, AUTH Med School, OKF Greece Blockchain in Healthcare: opportunities and challenges
13:00 Mr. George Karamanolis, Chair, HBH, CIO/CTO Crowdpolicy Blockchain in Public Administration
13:15 Coffee break  
13:30 Dr. Irene Katzela, CEO, Chain of Points, Canada Real-world case: Blockchain-based customer loyalty rewards service
13:50 Prof. Athina Vakali, AUTH Blockchain technologies as drivers of circular economy
14:10 Mr. Babis Chatzis, City of Thessaloniki, Head of e-Government Department Municipality of Thessaloniki exploratory initiatives on Blockchain
14:25 Dr. Irene Katzela, CEO, Chain of Points, Canada Human resources and capacity for blockchain strategy, applications engineering and development
14:45 Moderator: Prof. Vassilios Vescoukis, NTUA, OKF Greece Brainstorming - discussion: Open Data and Blockchains: An Opportunity to Re-imagine Your Business? 


Friday, May 4, 2018 11:30 AM


Aristotle University Research Dissemination Centre
3is Septemvriou
54636 Thessaloniki
, Greece

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