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About the Conference 

The fact that entrepreneurship is key to economic growth is a hot topic, and one that's widely discussed.  A lot of emphasis is placed on how local institutions and conditions support local entrepreneurs, but far less attention is paid to the more global outlook.  There is now a plethora of cosmopolitan entrepreneurs who, armed with technologies that enable distant collaboration, transcend national borders in search of knowledge, funding, and better opportunities for growth.

What is driving their success? And, how do global diasporas leverage their international connections and access to resources to support new ventures in relatively distant locales?  By drawing on examples of international importance we will set out to explore how various countries have successfully harnessed their diasporas, and how their models, successes and learnings can apply to Greece.


Conference Aims 

  • Join us to be inspired by outstanding entrepreneurs who straddle international borders.
  • Learn about innovative business models.
  • Become an active member of the Diaspora.


Conference Details

For more information about the day and the programme, please visit:



Saturday, September 24, 2016 9:30 AM


Rooms on Regents Park
Sussex Place 27
NW1 4RG London
Marylebone, United Kingdom

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