RG Bootcamp17

RG Bootcamp17

Early Bird - Visionary (idea holder) DEADLINE 18 August Description + € 99.00 Registrations period has ended.
Early Bird - Enabler DEADLINE 18th August Description + € 99.00 Registrations period has ended.
Unemployment Admission - Visionary (idea holder) Description + € 75.00 Registrations period has ended.
Unemployment Admission - Enabler Description + € 75.00 Registrations period has ended.
General Admission - Visionary (idea holder) Description + € 150.00 Registrations period has ended.
General Admission - Enabler Description + € 150.00 Registrations period has ended.

Reload Greece RG Bootcamp is back!!

From 2nd to 8th October 2017, RG Bootcamp17 runs in Athens, Greece in partnership with the ALBA Graduate Business School.

This 7-day bootcamp will bring together visionaries (idea holders) with enablers (young talented people who want to contribute towards the ideas of others) in order to advance ideas into start-ups by creating international teams and fostering cross-country collaborations.

About the programme

During the seven days, teams will be fast-tracked through the initial stages of developing their products and finding product-market fit. Participants will leave the RG Bootcamp17 equipped with practical insights and examples, which can be applied to their ideas. An initial mockup and clear plan of how to execute on this upon the programme’s completion, will also be produced.

Participants will learn and will be mentored from academics and subject matter experts from Greece and abroad while the workshops will be very practical and interactive. Inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and their achievements as well as fun and engaging activities in the evening will ensure the teams bond and learn in an enjoyable way.

The final day of the event comprises of teams presenting in front of a panel of judges in order to win prizes which will help them further enhance their education, and their cross country relationships.

The programme will run from 2nd to 8th October 2017, at ALBA Graduate Business School.

Join this unique programme where entrepreneurship connects young talent in Greece with young talent from abroad. Work together, develop together, and create long lasting relationships.

Who the programme is for

RG Bootcamp17 is an intense 7 day programme of education and support. So you can understand whether the programme is right for you, we've listed below some self selection criteria

We'd suggest that RG Bootcamp is best suited for you as a participant if;

:) You have a business idea that you’d like to advance, and are looking for a team and mentoring to help you

:) You’re happy to work in teams of individuals between 18 - 40 years old.

:) You do not have a business idea, but you want to benefit from an intensive 7 day experience where you will join a team and develop a business idea

:) You have skills you feel can contribute to a successful team - this can be anything from practical skills such as design / development skills, to soft skills such as adaptability, resilience and diplomacy

:) You want to learn new entrepreneurial skills and apply these in a practical way by contributing to a real business idea

:) You are interested in making a positive contribution to an international team

:) You want to further your idea and continue working with your new team after the RG Bootcamp17 has finished

:) You have a ‘can do attitude’ - and are ready to put yourself under pressure and join forces with your team to tackle big challenges

:) Even if your idea is not voted to be worked on during the 7 days, you are determined to still make this the best experience of your life!

However the RG Bootcamp17 isn't for everyone, so please reconsider joining our programme if,

:( You have a business idea and a team, but are not looking for contribution from other team members

:( You do not feel comfortable working with an international team of mixed backgrounds, ages and skillsets

:( You do not want / cannot fully commit to a 7 day very intensive programme of education, support and development

:( You have nothing to learn about entrepreneurship / business, nor need mentoring.

:( You are not willing to collaborate with anyone nor adapt to your team’s needs.

:( You are coming for yourself, not to contribute in developing great ideas / businesses.

Ticket price includes:

  • Access to all the workshops, presentations and mentoring
  • Lunch from Tuesday 3rd of October until Saturday 7th of October (5 days)

Any questions? Contact us at info@reloadgreece.com




1) Do I need a team or can I attend the programme as an individual?
You can join the RG Bootcamp17 as an individual or as a team.

If you join as an individual, you will join another team to progress an idea with other attendees.
If you join as a team, please expect that you will also be matched with other participants, and your team size will grow.  If this is the case, all members must be treated equally, even if they are not from your original team.
2) How do ideas get selected?
On the first day, all idea-holders will present their idea in front of the audience and all participants will vote for their favourite ideas. The ideas that will get the majority vote will be selected to be worked on and team members will be assigned to the ideas (team formation). There is a risk that your idea may not be selected to be worked on by a team, however the principles you will learn by solving problems and supporting your team members will be invaluable to develop your own idea. Furthermore, you will network with like-minded people who may join you to launch your start-up in the next few months. The best case scenario is that your idea will get voted and you will get a team to progress it and pitch in front of judging panel. At that point you would have refined your idea, tested it, communicated it and gained publicity and support. 
3) Do I need a business or economics background in order to participate in RG Bootcamp17
No, you do not need to have a business background nor university degree to participate in this programme. In fact, we encourage participation from all backgrounds, all ages and walks of life! We believe that the more diverse the participants are the better results we will get!
4) Do I need to have an idea to attend this programme?
No you do not need to have an idea to participate in this programme. You will work on an idea as you will be formed into teams. All you need to have is the appetite to learn about entrepreneurship and the willingness to contribute your skills and knowledge to the team you will be working with.
5) I am worried that someone will steal my idea, if I share it with so many people
Ideas are worthless. For an idea to come to life, it needs dedication and years of sweat, tears and capital (money) to become a successful business/enterprise. Unless someone, cares about the same thing and they are at the "right time” on their entrepreneurship journey, they will not steal your idea. Do not waste time waiting, share your idea and join forces with people to make a difference in the world with your venture. Also you are unique. That means that no-one will ever implement the idea you have in the same way that you will. No-one will ever make the same sequence of decisions that you will, through your unique entrepreneurship journey. The best thing that can happen will be to find a co-founder (someone who equally cares about the same idea/cause and is willing to go through the journey to build it with you)! This is a huge win-win situation! Most people have ideas but struggle to find like-minded and skilled people to follow them on this entrepreneurship journey. The more you share your idea with people the more chances you will meet the right partners who will support you in the years to come! Start-ups with co-founders are much more successful than start-ups with a single founder. Co-founding implies that you can work with people and can navigate through difficulties. Also from an investors point of view, it means that you have continuity (the business will not stop if you are ill or move on).
6) Will the programme be running Greek or in English?
The language for all speakers, mentors and materials provided throughout the RG Bootcamp17, will be English. You do not have to worry about being fluent as almost everyone will be able to speak in Greek and will be able to support you with unknown words (do not be shy, ask away!). However we will not switch to speaking Greek, we will conduct all conversations, talks and workshops in English, so treat this as a great opportunity to practice.
7) I have an idea for a film production company can I participate? 
Yes, the RG Bootcamp17 is industry agnostic, meaning that the knowledge and mentoring you will receive is universal yet tailored to your specific idea and team dynamics. The programme is designed in such a way that you will receive invaluable support in moving your idea into a formalised Business Plan.
8) Where will RG Bootcamp17 happen? 
The programme will run at ALBA Graduate Business School. The address is: Xenias 6, 115 28, Athens, Greece. Nearest landmarks: Plateia Mavili and Metro stop: Megaro Moussikis
9) Will I need to bring lunch
No the price you pay includes lunch for 5 days (3-7 October 2017). 
10) What are the daily start and end times of the event?
We start promptly (on time) at 9AM in the morning every day and finish by 5.30pm (we may go for dinners together) It is designed to be an immersive event so we expect you to take part 100% in all activities! 
11) Does the price cover accommodation or airfares
No, the price only covers the cost of the RG Bootcamp17 and daily lunch (for 5 days: (3-7 October 2017).  If you are joining us from outside of Athens or Greece and need help on where to stay please let us know and we will do our best to help.
Recommended hotels that are nearby ALBA Graduate Business School are:
  • ATHINAIS Hotel
  • Airotel Alexandros
  • Airotel Stratos Vassilikos
  • Andromeda Suites
  • Best Western Plus Embassy Hotel
12) Please be advised that in the event you do not show up, the ticket is non-refundable



Monday, October 2, 2017 5:00 PM
Sunday, October 8, 2017


ALBA Graduate Business School
Xenias 6
115 28 Athina
Athens, Greece

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