The Empowering Role of Music in the 1821 War of Independence

Peter von Hess (1792-1871), Rigas rousing the Greeks to fight for freedom, lithograph, 28x21 cm, Benaki Museum 24094, Copy of Hess Peter von, Befreiung Griechenlands in 39 Bildern entworfen ..., Kohler und Comp, Μunich. ©2021, Benaki Museum, Athens

The Empowering Role of Music in the 1821 War of Independence

A hybrid event organized under the auspices of the  

Greece 2021 Committee
on the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of the Greek War of Independence

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

 Pierce Theater, The American College of Greece
6 Gravias Street, Aghia Paraskevi-Athens, Greece
(Parking upon availability)

Registration Instructions:

1. Fill in the registration form.

2. Upon completion of the registration, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation email with your numbered ticket. 

3. Each ticket has a QR code and is unique and non-transferrable. Please present your ticket at the entrance of the ACG Pierce Theater.

4. Required for entrance:

ID card and Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination (valid 14 days after completion of vaccination - for guests over 60, the vaccination certificate is valid for 7 months) or Covid-19 Disease Certificate (valid for 6 months after the diagnosis).

5. The use of a protective mask is mandatory during the entire duration of the event and social distancing (1,5m) must be kept at all times. 

Participation Registrations period has ended.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021 7:00 PM


The American College of Greece
Gravias 6
153 42 Agia Paraskevi
Attica, Greece

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