The Agrifood Revolution | Event by New Agriculture for a New Generation - Rutgers University

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Technology is transforming the world’s agricultural production and food systems at an exponential pace. Blockchain, AI, IoT, Big Data, they all present both challenges and opportunities. How can Greek farmers and food companies acclimatize and thrive in this complex fast-changing environment? What major shifts are needed? Which are the critical enablers for adaptation and advancement?

Co - organizer: Endeavor


Kostas Tsaousis, Journalist 


Nikos Christodoulou, CEO, CHB Group

Athanasia Kyritsi, Quality Systems Director, Agrino S.A.

Georgios Papadakis, Professor at the Dept. of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens

Stelios Theodoulidis, General Manager, Venus Growers

Sotiris Bantas, President & CEO, Centaur Analytics

Nikos Efthymiadis, President, REDESTOS-Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group

Katerina Kandyliari, Representative of Prosper Team (1st Prize in the Foodtech Category of Trophy|Τροφή Challenge)







Tuesday, September 10, 2019 6:00 PM


Olympias - Vellidio
Leoforos Stratou 3
546 39 Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki, Greece

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