Tomorrow’s Storeys

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Critical fictions on the future of Athens

Can we imagine the future of Athens and, if so, how? Artists and architects construct narratives for the future of Athens which they will present in an open to the public discussion.

Two months prior to the opening of Tomorrows exhibition at Diplareios School, Onassis Cultural Centre hosts Tomorrow’s Storeys, an initiative organized by architect Liam Young, aiming to produce a series of critical fictions about the future of Athens.
Science fiction authors, visual artists, directors, photographers and architects will meet and collaborate for three days (17-19 March) at Diplareios School, to collectively construct narratives concerning the future life of Athenian citizens. Beginning with the city’s current issues, phenomena and trends, the participants will imagine tomorrow’s everyday life, focusing on an already existing block located at the centre of Athens. Through discussions, illustrations and hypotheses, the working group will shape a portrait of the citizens’ daily life, based on assumptions regarding Athens’ needs and dynamics in the future.
According to Liam Young, in an age defined by rapid change, where the present is shorter and more immediate than ever, hypothetical and reflective projects are exceptionally valuable, as they are able to shed light on aspects of a seemingly dystopian and unknown future. "The future is becoming a project again. Thinking about the future is an urgent project of our generation".

The participants will present the workshop’s results in an open to the public discussion on Sunday 19 March.

The discussion will be held in English (with no translation into Greek).

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Sunday, March 19, 2017 7:00 PM


Diplareios School
Theatrou sq 3
105 52 Athens
Attica, Greece

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