Sherpa Society | The Workshop Series

Thanks for your interest in attending our workshops. Here are the steps you have to take in order to secure your seat:

1. Choose the number of workshops you would like to attend, the type of ticket (single or group), and the quantity.

You Save 15%
-- 1 Single Ticket per Workshop: €212
-- 1 Group Ticket (1x3 single tickets) per workshop:€509 (you save an extra 20%)
2 Workshops | 1 Single Ticket €424.00
2 Workshops | 1 Group Ticket €1018.00

-- 1 Single Ticket per Workshop: €249

-- 1 Group Ticket (1x3 single tickets) per workshop: €599 (you save 20%)


1 Workshop | 1 Single Ticket €249.00
1 Workshop | 1 Group Ticket €599.00

2. Choose the workshops you would like to attend and the number of participants at each one of them. For instance, if you did pick 2 group tickets for 2 workshops, this means that you purchased 12 tickets in total. Now, you have to decide the number of your attendees at each workshop. 
AI Unleashed: Mastering Content Prooduction with Generative AI | October 4 | OTEAcademy
Find your Unique Story & Superpower your Brand Performance | November 2, 2023 | OTEAcademy

VAT not incl.

Sherpa Society introduces

“Brand-new World Class Workshops with our Top Experts!



Sherpa Society is a global team of top practitioners & consultants ready to help your business reach its peak.


For this to happen and in order to welcome the new year with a bang, we created top-notch workshops that will take place live in Athens, during 2023.  


Check out the details below and make sure you take advantage of the available loyalty options. The more workshops you participate in, the more you save!

    Seats are limited, so have a look at the full agenda of the Workshops & get your tickets before the inevitable sold-out.



    Thursday, February 2, 2023 9:00 AM
    Thursday, November 2, 2023




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    October 4th | "AI Unleashed: Mastering Content Production with Generative AI

    November 2nd | "Find your Unique Story & Superpower your Brand Performance"