SIZE MATTERS: Architectural Stories for Growth from the USA & Greece

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"SIZE MATTERS: Architectural Stories for Growth from the USA and Greece" by Archisearch

with the support and collaboration of
the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce




“(Sustainable) Development” is key and the goal of all political leaders in every country. Most of the times, size matters since the biggest the goal and ambition, the most promising the campaign. But is “big” also “beautiful”, or the other way around? And when it comes to fine-tuning and detailing a vision, who is responsible for the feasible realization of a dream?

Greek Architects and Academics will come to present examples of big scale architectural projects, through their experience and insight.

Simultaneously, Greek architects involved in the largest, current projects in Greece will present the reality and the potentials from our Country, the way such large-scale interventions can affect the city in a cultural and economic aspect but also will pinpoint the challenges of the architectural process.

The conversation of what is currently happening in both countries and how the philosophy and approach of each country could contribute (or not) to the other.

Is Bigness ultimate architecture? Rethinking Bigness: Large Questions and Architectural Smallness.

Discussion Panel
Introduction Remarks by the Curator & Moderator Architect Laertis Vassiliou (LAAV Architects) about the subject

Discussion with moderation by the Curator Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou of (LAAV Architects) for Archisearch with
Giorgos Mitroulias [AREA - Architecture Research Athens], --Eleanna Makridou [Makridis Associates Architects] (International Technology Epi-Center, MAS - Makridis Associates Architects Thessaloniki) and Andreas Ventourakis -[BETAPLAN Architects] (Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center)

The panel will zoom-in from the large urban/public realm development scale to the building scale and detailing and see that architecture offers solutions in all scales. Big has been proven to be good only for marketing purposes and election campaigns, problems need to be solved on a different scale and manner.

Presenting the sequel “Make Details Great Again” where from the stance of Architecture, we suggest a different approach to solve current problems and achieve greatness.

USA Architecture & Design Week will take place at Thessaloniki in Partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce next (December, 2018)

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Saturday, September 8, 2018 7:00 PM


Thessaloniki International Exhibition

546 36 Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki, Greece

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