Remember, You made that difference! Keep our firefighters safe on the road!

When our firefighters arrive at an emergency, remember your donation will have made that difference in how many lives they can save!

You have raised € 23,267 (whopping 41%) of our goal! 

They say ' a picture speaks a thousand words' ...... The photos below tell the story of how these brave team of men and women not only support us as a school and OUR children, but are also out there in the wider community when that emergency bell rings, saving our families, friends, neighbours and animals. Their job means usually arriving first on the scene and what we would like to do, is help them reach every family and have the tools to save as many lives as possible, but also to be safe when they are out there on the road. This we feel is something we can do as a community, and we hope you feel that too. Thank you!

Our whole community has joined together for this very worthy cause! Our goal is  to raise € 57,000 for a new small Emergency Response  vehicle (small fire-engine to reach all incidents as below). Thank you for playing your part and understanding the important difference this will make, every donation makes a difference! Thank you for your contribution!  

We have received € 2000 from the PTSA and € 2000 from St Catherine's, plus the precious gift of € 2 from our children for their heroes, we think St Catherine's community could present a wonderful Christmas gift to our local firefighters, and in return know we have really made a difference, not just for our community, but so much wider. Thank you for your support, every gift helps!

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If you wish to make a bank transfer please see the information below. If you have any questions please contact Ms Deborah Eleftheriou at or 216 9004 740.


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