Circular Cultures: Design, Fashion, Crafts - Day 2 - Workshops

Workshop: Materials Portrait [16:00-18:00] Applications period has ended.
Workshop: Citizen Behaviour Change: Love Not Landfill [18:00-20:00] Applications period has ended.
Workshop: Re-making meaning in Virtuous Circular Cultures [18:00-20:00] Applications period has ended.

Circular Cultures: Design, Fashion, Crafts - Day 2

Friday, 28 February

The circular economy is the hottest topic for industries across the world right now. New recycled and recyclable materials provide us with novel ways to reduce waste and virgin resource use. But how can these materials improve quality of life for everyone? What do designers and businesses have to do differently to become circular? In the context of the programme, our aim is to explore circular economy through the holistic lens of circular design; through creativity and social innovation.

During the second day of Circular Cultures: Design, Fashion, Crafts, hands-on training through workshops will provide valuable know-how to emerging and established designers, on innovative materials and new directions in circular design. The workshops are open to people from various backgrounds, including professionals of the design and fashion industry, campaigners, communication and marketing professionals, as well as policy makers and advocates.

The Circular Cultures programme, hosted at Onassis Stegi, is an integral part of the broader collaboration between Onassis Foundation and the British Council initiated with Crafting the Future in 2019 and aiming at the development of an ongoing and action-oriented public space for ethical crafts, circular design and fashion sustainability.

A networking reception will follow the talks program, as well as the Tactile Circular Pop Up! Showcase, a tactile and interactive textiles and materials table top installation which includes work by the conference’s guest speakers.

Parallel Video Art Exhibition “Earth Chronicles”

In the context of the conference we are presenting the exhibition Earth Chronicles, a series of videos from Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative’s (PCAI) collection, curated by Kika Kyriakakou, Artistic Director, PCAI Residency.


Workshop Descriptions

Materials Portrait [16:00-18:00]

Seetal Solanki, Founder and Director of Ma-tt-er

Unlocking the potential materials can have by rediscovering them through their characteristics and behaviours. This workshop will provide the opportunity to discover yourselves and your practice through a materials lens. You will be tasked with developing a vocabulary, an assemblage and a communication toolkit in order to create your very own materials portrait demonstrating the various ways in which materials can be implemented across multiple fields.


All are welcome.


Citizen Behaviour Change: Love Not Landfill [18:00-20:00]

Hannah Carter, Communications and Campaigns Officer at London Waste & Recycling Board

The workshop will take participants through a simplified process to build a citizen behaviour change campaign that would address an issue relating to sustainable fashion in their city or town. Participants will be taking a deep dive into audience behaviour, exercising empathy and analysis. They will learn how to distil down a campaign to clear and simple messages that will result in behaviour change, explore communication channels, exercise creative thinking in terms of content and design of a campaign, and consider budgets, as well as measurement and analysis to prove success.


Students, educators, researchers, industry, consumers with an interest in sustainable fashion.

This workshop will take place at the same time with the workshop "Re-making meaning in virtuous-circular-cultures", hence it is only possible to attend one of these two.


Re-making meaning in Virtuous Circular Cultures [18:00-20:00]

Nick Gant, Designer, Research mentor at the University of Brighton

Waste is a result of what we think and feel as well as what we do. An effective circular-economy needs to appeal to hearts as well as heads. What use are circular technologies, products, materials and systems if they have no meaning in culture? In this workshop, participants will explore processes of meaning-making through an interactive exhibition of extraordinary shoes made from a diverse and provocative range of ‘waste’ materials. Participants will: re-write cultural narratives and stories through waste materials; and re-define effective strategies and frameworks for making meaningful cultural connections.


People from any place and profession. The workshop will appeal to anyone who creates – whether that be buildings, products, systems or places. 

This workshop will take place at the same time with the workshop "Citizen Behaviour Change: Love Not Landfill", hence it is only possible to attend one of these two.




16:00-20:00 | Workshops

Venue: Onassis Stegi Administration Building (Galaxia 2, Neos Kosmos)

16:00-20:00 | Parallel Video Art Exhibition “Earth Chronicles”

Venue: Onassis Stegi, Space TBC

Applications for the workshops will be reviewed and participants will be selected on the basis of the relevance of their responses to the subject matter of the workshop. Participants will be notified by 21 February 2020.

The workshops will be conducted in English without simultaneous interpretation.

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Curated by:

British Council Greece: Maria Papaioannou

Onassis Culture: Prodromos Tsiavos

Centre for Circular Design: Rebecca Earley


Co-produced by:

British Council Greece

Onassis Culture


Friday, February 28, 2020 3:30 PM


Onassis Stegi
Andrea Siggrou Avenue 107
117 45 Athens
Attica, Greece

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