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Augmented Reality Exhibition: The Cultural Smart City Description + Registrations period has ended.

Light Path
Co-creating Europe in 24 cities

Joris Laccarino and Marta Klepo will present the results of their project after a year of international cooperation through the:

Augmented Reality Exhibition: The Cultural Smart City
The first Augmented Reality street art exhibition 

The exhibition in Athens presents augmented reality artworks made by 20 artists and expands the concept of urban art through augmented reality by encouraging the emergence of a new kind of artistic language between physical and digital world.
The works are visible through the application "Bepart" (avaible on Apple Store and Play Store) in the city of Palermo and in many squares and streets of Athens.

This permanent exhibition is a new touristic routes through the city. It faces a new type of interaction by citizens and brings attention in new digital language that enhances storytelling and audience engadgement.

The Augmented Reality artworks were made by partecipants (students, artists, NEETs, ...) during a three days of workshop held at the Modern Art Gallery (GAM) in Palermo. Bepart, in collaboration with PUSH and Mjestimice Svjetlo/In Places, and with support of Tandem Europe held an innovative workshop to produce a cultural smart city in just 3 days.

More about the Speakers and Facilitators:

Joris Iaccarino – Italia
Marta Klepo – Croazia
Giovannni Franchina – italia
Mauro Filippi – italia
Lilia Haralampieva – italia


Friday, January 27, 2017 12:00 PM


Platia Omonias 18
105 52 Athina
Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Greece

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