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Hotel Transit
Co-creating Europe in 24 cities

Yanina Taneva and Matina Magkou will present the results of their project after a year of international cooperation through the:

Performance & Installation: Hotel Transit @Omonia
Knitting a home out of stories on what makes home

“Hotel Transit” comes back to Omonia to tell the stories of the people it “hosted”. “Hotel Transit” was in Omonia from April to July 2016 working with different communities: visitors and passers-by, dependent groups of people, migrant families with kids and local residents. A public activity on the 31 st of July 2016 that included an installation and a performative game on an empty space on Xouthou street and in cooperation with Alternative Tours of Athens and Caritas was the culmination of the activities in Omonia.

In November 2016, “Hotel Transit” travelled to Sofia and worked on the Women’s Market gathering stories from shop owners with different backgrounds to create the ideal “recipe” for what makes home. Then it travelled to Vratsa to participate at the EMPATHEAST and engage with more people.

This time, we are going to “build” a Hotel Transit at a gallery of shops underneath one of the many closed hotels of Omonia called “Acropol” and fill it with the stories from our travels, our workshops, the people we met on the way and those that got engaged with our project. A performance and installation for all the people that carry a “Hotel Transit” inside them.

A collaboration between Ohi Paizoume/ UrbanDig Project (Athens) and Ideas Factory (Sofia)



From Ohi Paizoume/ UrbanDig project
Giorgios Sachinis: Concept & Dramaturgy
Eirini Alexiou: Choreography
Rea Zekkou & Anna Magoulioti: Set Design
Emanouela Korki: Performer
Sotiris Pepelas: Trumpeter
Christos Theodorou: Composer
Christos Kanellopoulos: Lyrics based on the stories of Ydrogios publishing (Likourgou Street Omonia)
Nadia Sokou: Production

From Ideas Factory
Konstantin Kuchev: Improvisation over notes and stories
Viktor: Mime knitting stories
Yoana Stoyanova: Production
Slav Georgiev: Set design and video recording

Yanina Taneva & Matina Magkou: Tandem partnership and project coordination/ inspiration starters



Friday, January 27, 2017 5:00 PM


Omonia Square
Omonia Square
104 31 Athina
Athens, Greece

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