Tanis Summit 2024

Elevate Your Sales Approach with Neuroscience Insights at the Tanis Summit!

Discover a revolutionary approach to sales training, grounded in neuroscience insights. Traditional methods focus on a generic process, overlooking the critical role of Emotional intelligence, Intuition, and relationship. "The Art and Neuroscience of Intuitive Selling," unlocks the power of emotional self-appraisal, intuition, and influence to build strong relationships, driving unparalleled sales success. Participants learn to adapt their approach to each buyer's unique style, leveraging neuroscience insights for deeper connections and higher conversions.
We're excited to feature Dr. Sherri Malouf, a distinguished PhD in Human Development, who is the initiator of this exceptional training program. Dr. Malouf will be coming from the USA to lead the first Tanis Summit in Greece and her profound insights and unique approach make her presence a must-attend aspect of the summit. Her guidance will provide you with a holistic learning experience, ensuring you leave with actionable strategies to achieve success.

Joining her, as co-facilitator will be Ms Mary Bitouni, Director and Business Vision Leader of Humanis Your HR Partner.

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Why attend?

  • Exclusive Opportunity: Learn from one of the industry's top experts and transform your professional approach.
  • Cutting-Edge Content: Gain a deep understanding of how neuroscience can elevate your sales game.
  • Holistic Approach: Become an adaptive, intuitive seller with insights into mind, body, and soul integration.
  • Intensive Training: Engage in a 2-day program filled with interactive sessions.
  • Networking Event: Connect with peers and industry leaders during exciting events.
  • Luxurious Stay: Enjoy a 2-night stay at the Vincci Ever Eden Beach Resort with full board accommodations.

Who should attend?

This program may prove especially valuable for those who:

  1. Need to improve their closing rate in sales
  2. Are struggling to build sustainable relationships with buyers
  3. Are often frustrated by their own inability to handle objections effectively
  4. Feel frustrated when dealing with difficult buyers
  5. Can be overwhelmed by emotions such as lack of confidence, anxiety, or other non-productive emotions

Testimonials - What others say about Tanis

The real-life examples used during the course were very helpful. It’s good to hear how actually situations were influenced. Sherri is great and has s great technique.
Beth G., Sr. Acc Executive

"The sales training was insightful and engaging from start to finish. The blend of neuroscience and practical sales tactics provided a unique perspective that I've never encountered in other training sessions. I've already seen a noticeable improvement in my ability to connect with clients and close deals more effectively."
Lisa K., Account Executive

Sherri was genuine, likable and helpful. Always grounded and neutral and relaxed, the perfect atmosphere for class, I recommend this course.
Sarah L., Sales Manager

"Role playing was important. Review allowed us to see how we performed to see how we perform under actual sales negotiations."
Michael D., Senior Sales Executive

Don't miss out on this unique chance to enhance your sales techniques with the latest neuroscience insights.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that blends insightful learning, practical exercises, and enjoyable activities. Secure your spot now to take advantage of Early Bird pricing and unlock your potential!


Sherri Malouf, PhD

Strategic Soft Skills Institute

“Without Strategic Soft Skills training, your company is like a car without fuel - useless. Think about that! You can’t drive without fuel, and your company can’t run on poorly managed relationships. That is why we’ve been teaching Strategic Soft Skills to fortune 500 companies for more than 40 years. I have worked in a wide range of public sector agencies as well as private sector industries. My goal always is to learn about you, my client, and how can my years of work and education be brought to bear on the challenges you face daily in working with and through other people. I am looking forward to meeting you at Tanis Summit in Athens and exploring together this unique training program”.

Mary Bitouni

Managing Director & Business Vision Leader Humanis
Success is a personal journey that each individual defines and determines for themselves.

Mary Bitouni is committed to staying ahead in HR talent development, with a vision centered on delivering top-tier solutions that add substantial value to partners. She believes that people are inherently different, and that teams are fortunate to have this diversity. The key to success, in her view, is helping individuals understand their potential and overcome their fears. With years of diverse business experience, she has supported Humanis customers as a consultant, coach, and facilitator in numerous HR talent development projects. Mary's approach is rooted in the conviction that unlocking each person's unique strengths can lead to extraordinary team performance and business success.


#### Date: September 11th
**15:00 - 16:00**arrival at the hotel / Welcome drink & check in.
**19:00** Networking rendezvous / Enjoy some networking time with the other participants!
**20:00** Dinner / Conclude the day with a sumptuous dinner.
#### Date: September 12th
**8:00 - 9:00**Optional Activity / Start your day in a refreshing way.
**8:00**Breakfast / Enjoy a delicious breakfast and network with fellow participants.
**9:30 - 13:30**Conference Session

Neural Networks & the Power of Preferences in Sales: Discover the neural networks that enhance our ability to influence positively during sales calls. Learn how preferences within a neural network can impact sales outcomes.

The Situational Influence Model: Engage in a self-assessment exercise to evaluate and refine your influence skills. Delve into the Situational Influence Model, understand the behaviors linked to each style, and practice these skills in business cases.
**13:00 - 14:00**Lunch / Take a break and enjoy a delightful lunch while discussing insights with your peers.
**14:00 - 16:00** Conference Session

The Adaptive Sales Process: Explore the Adaptive Sales Process, a strategic approach to managing buyer discussions. Learn about the roles of emotion and intuition in sales, grounded in neuroscience.
**16:00 - 16:30** Coffee Break / Recharge with coffee and snacks.
**16:30 - 18:00** Conference Session

“Connect the Dots”: Work on a case study to practice the first stage of adaptive selling. Recognize buyer patterns, quickly establish connections, and understand the buyer’s relationship needs.
**18:00** Free Time /Relax and enjoy some free time to explore or unwind.
**19:00 - 20:00** Wine Tasting / Savor a selection of fine wines or partake in a similar delightful experience with all attendees.
**20:00 - 20:30** Dinner / Conclude the day with a sumptuous dinner.
### Date: September 13th, 2024
**8:00** Optional Activity /Begin the day in a refreshing way
**9:00** Breakfast / Enjoy breakfast and connect with fellow participants.
**10:00 - 13:30** Conference Session

“Heed the Needs”: Continue the adaptive selling process by learning to ask questions that uncover buyer needs and identify their style. Discuss intuition and emotional regulation.

“Tell the Tale”: Master the art of pitching your product or service by leveraging the right influence style. Practice handling resistance and using influence styles effectively.

“Seal the Deal”: Learn the final stage of the adaptive selling process, focusing on closing the deal with the appropriate influence styles and emotional regulation.
**13:30 - 15:00**  Farewell Lunch at the Beach / Enjoy a memorable farewell lunch by the beach, sharing final insights and experiences.
**15:00 - 17:00** Conference Session

Application Planning in Real-Life Sales Situations
: Prepare for an upcoming sales scenario using the Adaptive Sales Process framework.

Inspirational Talk/ The Value of Intuition in Business:  Watch an inspiring talk on harnessing intuition in business, balancing analytical and intuitive thinking, and making better decisions.

Registration fee includes

  • Full Board Accommodation:
    • Double room for Single use on BB basis for 2-night stay at the Vincci Ever Eden Beach Resort
    • Dinner, lunch, welcome drinks, coffee breaks
  • 2-day training program and interactive sessions
  • Activations & Happenings
  • City Taxes

Contact us

Anna Gyparaki, +30 210 6617 777 (ext. 152), email: agyparaki@boussias.com


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Early Bird Ticket (Without Accommodation) - Tanis Summit 2024

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VAT not incl.


Wednesday, September 11, 2024 3:00 PM
Friday, September 13, 2024


Vincci EverEden
Athens - Sounion Av. 47th km
190 13 Anavissos
Anatoliki Attiki,Ελλάδα

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