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TEDxWomen is a TEDx event organized by the Paley Center for Media that focuses on women and women's issues. TEDxWomen type events are TEDx events hosted around the live webcast of TEDxWomen, and also feature local speakers.

Our event is called TEDxRafflesPlaceWomen and is one of many TEDx events happening around the globe between November 30th and December 1st that will expand on the ideas brought up at TEDxWomen.

TEDxWomen -- hosted by Pat Mitchell and the Paley Center for Media - takes place on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

TEDxWomen - themed The Space Between -- will live stream to the global TEDx community. Organizers of TEDxWomen events will watch the livestream of TEDxWomen, and have the opportunity to host local speakers.

This is the second edition of TEDxWomen - the first brought to the stage speakers such as Gloria Steinem, Dr. Oz and Jane Fonda and was viewed by 120 TEDx communities around the globe. The event was inspired by TEDWomen, which took place in 2010.


December 1, 2012 - Saturday 

10am to 11.30am: The Space Between Knowing and Doing

Vernetta Lopez
First came on the scene as Denise on Under One Roof, a local hit TV sitcom in 1994. Since then, Vernetta has starred in countless sitcom and drama productions including Movies, Musicals and Theatre productions over the years. She recently completed another season of Zero Hero, a sitcom for children on OKTO. It is currently the highest- rated show on OKTO for 15 & below. She has also been part of the Morning Express Crew on Class 95FM, Singapore’s #1 English Radio Station since 2008. Vernetta is regularly engaged by companies for Voice Over productions. These include documentaries for National Geographic Documentary and Channel NewsAsia and other Multi-National Corporations such as UOB, Standard Chartered, Magnolia, WDA, IKEA, Mercedes Benz, Lancome, M1, Singtel, Starhub, Heaven and Earth, Guinness, L’oreal, Osim, OTO, Courts, IDA, Asiana Airlines, Fuji, Sony, Singapore Airlines, Volkswagen. Vernetta’s quirky personality and unique voice talents have also led her to another world of entertainment - puppetry work! She recently a completed a third run of Knock Out where she’s played a Frog called Ditzy, an Ape called Ooboo and Cyloon the Recycling Racoon! Vernetta was recently appointed the local Ambassador for Loreal Paris. Watch for the new campaign set to hit TV and Press in August 2012.

Ginny Phang
Ginny Phang has been a Doula since 2003 and has supported over 500 births. As the only HypnoBirthing Practitioner who has taught the most couples in Singapore and around Asia, she has had more than 1000 couples attending her classes! More than 80% of her clients have had drug-free births and have learned to breastfeed successfully. Ginny believes in enriching a woman ’s childbirth experience, supporting couples through their choices and helping them to achieve the best possible birth experience. In 2006, she facilitated the first waterbirths in both National University Hospital Singapore and Mount Alvernia Hospital Singapore. In 2007, she was nominated for the Women’s Weekly magazine’s “Women of the Year Award” under the Education section for recognition of her work as a Doula and for expectant couples. In 2011, she took on the additional role as the National Coordinator of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Singapore to work with the hospitals and get them WHO Baby Friendly accredited to meet worldwide healthcare standards. Ginny was a single mother to a 11 year old son who is both the compass and the anchor of her life. He chose to breastfeed until he was 6.5 years old and he was also homeschooled for about 2 years before he went to formal schooling. She now divides her time both in Singapore and with her partner who lives in Brisbane.

Krystal Choo
Fiercely passionate and unfailingly vibrant, Krystal Choo is a big thinker determined to untangle big problems. Her actions come from the belief that technology should exist to improve life, and her drive comes from the pursuit of a higher quality of life through her love of technology. As the Marketing Director of One Cent Movement, she is working behind the scenes to build a community that can make serious significant change with the rounding up of everyday transactions and donating it to impactful charitable projects. As Founder & CEO of ZipTrip, a future-generation travel platform, she aims to provide a smart and low-cost solution to value travellers that merges transport, accommodation and activities intuitively. To do this, she left the corporate world and her own events agency to explore avenues that matched her interests with her need for meaningful impact. Ever discovering and learning, she pivots in various directions, but always moves forward.

Jamie Koh
Jamie Koh is a speaker and consultant in the area of alternative health, with a specialty in improving people's wellness and vitality by changing their micro environment. Before focussing her passion on alternative health, Jamie amassed 14 years of experience in education, at the Ministry of Education and at her own education consultancy, Language.Ling. A successful educator with a wide range of teaching experience and two published textbooks under her belt, Jamie had thought that she would always be involved in academia, teaching children and parents. Today, Jamie is still in education - educating about health and raising awareness on the tremendous impact that the environment has on our bodies. The turning point in her career direction was her own life-changing personal experience: having physically, mentally and emotionally battled through decades of physical ailments and then in under a year, finding her own way back to amazing vitality and a quality of life she could never have dreamed of. This transformational journey convinced her that other ordinary people like herself could make simple changes in their lives which would result in greater physical well-being and more control over sickness and ailments than they might believe possible. Jamie is not just inspired to help more people to go from simply being unwell to feeling better and more energised; she also aims to influence more people to protect their health and that in doing so, protect the precious time and money they have - to be with their loved ones, experience the world and truly live a life of wonder. Through her seminars and consultations, she equips people with the knowledge and practical solutions to better wellness for everyone. Jamie's ultimate wish is to create social change. Instead of an almost absolute reliance on our health care systems and high dependance on society, more people can lead active and fulfilling lives when they are empowered to take responsibility for their bodies and be the ones to make great impact on their health.

Daphne Pang
Daphne spent 18 years in the corporate world, starting her career in Public Relations and then moving on to Marketing at American Express and then regional roles at Hilton International. Children came along late in life, but when they did, she realised she needed to give more time to her 2 young boys, and so decided to take a hiatus from work. Along the way, plans changed as plans do, another baby joined the family, and the work hiatus became permanent when she decided to take charge of her sons’ education by homeschooling them. She’ll be talking about her journey from corporate climber to homeschooling mother.

12.45pm to 2.30pm: The Space Between Disruption and Moving On

Nanz Chong-Komo
Founder of the former retail chain stores ONE.99shop and now national best-selling author, Nanz is also one of the most sought-after corporate & business speakers today, bringing her large personality and even larger heart into boardrooms to inspire and encourage others to achieve success in business and in life.Nanz has was a fashion model, a TV host in Hong Kon g , and fashion boutique retailer in Singapore. In 1997, Nanz founded “ONE.99shop”, which grew to 12 outlets in 3 years, with sales exceeding S$12 million. She was awarded Overall Winner Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year 2000. In April 2003, the chain was liquidated due to the SARS outbreak. She is greatly admired for courageously bouncing back from her failure. Only by the wealth of knowledge gained from going through a failed business herself has enabled her to be an effective coach for many today.

Sun Koh
The next best thing to being a rockstar is to be born a misfit. It’s not something you can learn or grow into, it’s simply a gift from the universe you cannot return. If you are so lucky to discover that you or your child has been struck with this malady, consider yourself to have won the lottery or a legitimate ticket out of conformity. At age 29, Sun Koh became a legitimate misfit. She was told in no uncertain terms by her colleagues at the advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai that she didn’t fit, which resulted in visions of a big bright warm light which has lit her path ever since. Four years later, she went on to win the Singapore National Arts Council Young Artist Award. Life is much better when you can live in the space between.

Tyre Girl
Tyregirl (TG) is an IT consultant whose current ambition is to complete 100 marathon/ultra marathon events by 2020. Due to the quirky nature of a gal pulling a tyre in a marathon, TG thought she would make people more aware of the impact they were making on their society and so began her campaign to highlight the importance of conservation and sustainability. A tyre symbolises everything that we have become reliant upon getting from A to B as quickly as possible and energy. Thus she is supporting EarthWatch, a charity that has projects around the world that studies the impact of us on our world and thus the sustainability of our resources in forests and in oceans. If you want to donate to this charity, you can do so via www.justgiving.com/tyregirl In Singapore, she is supporting ACRES, a charity that rescues and campaigns for animal welfare. If you want to donate to this charity, you can do so via https://www.give.sg/TeamGIVE/TyreGirl/Acres

Elim Chew
Elim Chew is the Founder and President of 77th Street (S) Pte Ltd, the leading youth and young adults streetwear fashion and accessories retail chain in Singapore with 7 outlets locally, and a shopping mall in Xidan, Beijing called 77th Street Plaza. Currently, she sits on over 20 boards and committees of public service, youth and community organizations such as the Programming Committee of *SCAPE, an iconic youth community space; and the Culture & Education Action Crucibles for Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore. Elim is humbled by awards such as Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2001 by the Singapore Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Montblanc Businesswoman of the Year 2002, Young Woman Achiever 2003 by Singapore Press Holdings and Singapore Promising Brand Award 2004. She is honoured as a Forbes Asia Hero of Philanthropy 2010 and early 2011, she received the Responsible Leadership Award and the Community Engagement Award from the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2010 and the Outstanding Young Singaporean Award 2011 – Commendation. Recently she has also the recipient of the Singapore Public Service Medal (PBM) 2011. She understands the problems most youth and young adults face in fulfilling their dreams and she strives to help them realize their dreams amidst obstacles they might face. She tries to pave the way for youths and young adults of Singapore by providing them an outlet to connect with the like-minded peers, encouraging them to share their ideas and exchange their experiences. Elim is also an advocate for social entrepreneurship in Singapore. A movement of using business models to solve social issues to bring about sustainability to the marginalized. She believes that businesses can do well and do good at the same time to create a more sustainable, inclusive and a better world.

Ai Ling Song
Ai Ling left a high flying career in the financial world in 2005 to become a full time mum when she gave birth to a set of triplets. Her blissful domestic life however, shattered when her husband passed away in a freak accident in June, 2011. This shocking loss forced Ai Ling to reconsolidate her life and to become a stronger person, not only for herself but for her young children, who now relied solely on her. It was an unfair life challenge. But she met it head-on and she shares her experiences in this personal story of how devastating grief grew into faith, hope and ultimately, joy.

2.45pm to 4.15pm: The Space Between Povery and Plenty

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Journalist, Author

Malehlohonolo Moleko, Entrepreneur

Musimbi Kanyoro, Advocate, Scholar

Jacki Zehner, Investor, Philanthropist

Emily Peal, Microfinance Leader

Maya Azucena, Singer-Songwriter

Rosie Rios, Treasurer of the United States

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