GEO-CRADLE meeting in Limassol

General admission Registrations period has ended.

GEO-CRADLE has proactively engaged with the relevant regional stakeholders (data/service providers, decision makers, and SMEs) in a series of consultation activities including surveys, interviews, workshops and bilateral exchanges, in order to identify the regional needs.

After an in-depth analysis of their feedback which was presented in the GEO-CRADLE meeting in Novisad, Serbia, GEO-CRADLE is now going to make a concrete first step through the following 4 pilot/feasibility studies towards addressing the identified gaps and needs in relation to common regional challenges by creating the appropriate ecosystem, building the necessary toolbox, and providing a first tangible outcome:

1) Adaptation to Climate Change (Leader: NOA)

2) Improved Food Security – Water Extremes Management (Leader: IBEC)

3) Access to Raw Material (Leader: EGS)

4) Access to Energy (Leader: PMOD/WRC)

The GEO-CRADLE meeting in Limassol, Cyprus, hosted by the partner Cyprus University of Technology, will refine the scope of the pilots and conclude with their launch. The objective of the pilot activities is not to develop new science but to build on the integration of existing capacities (infrastructure, datasets, models, etc.) and skills within the relevant group of project partners that are involved towards the provision of improved EO Services in the RoI. The pilots will span a period of 15 months, and the final results will be presented to relevant stakeholders (especially decision makers) in a dedicated workshop.

Please find the agenda and technical info for the events here:


Wednesday, November 16, 2016 12:00 PM
Thursday, November 17, 2016


ERATOSTHENES Research Center (CUT premises)
Archiepiskopou Kyprianou 30
3036 Limassol
Limassol, Cyprus

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