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Get registrations from everywheree


Get registrations from everywhere.

Web. Simply customize your registration form and embed in your website. Or, use the event page we generate.

Facebook. Embed registration form in your Facebook Page to provide a seamless experience to Facebook users.

Apps. Embed in your app and let users register right from their smartphone.
Or, let us create an app for your events.

Collect fees instantly.

Receive card payments directly in your PayPal or Stripe account.
Use your own bank merchant account to process card payments (available for selected banks).

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Social, Music, Sports.

Social, Music, Sports.


Promote your brand and sponsors.

Give your guests a VIP treatment.

Customize tickets, messages,RSVPs.
Send mass personalized invitations and complimentary tickets to guests, speakers, VIPs.

Amazing fast check-in.

Goodbye waiting queues.

Use Eventora Scanner app or just tap a button in your browser.
Check-in attendees in the blink of an eye.


No more emails back and forth, no late night calls.

Invite your colleagues and external partners to help manage your event.
Collaborate and share reports.


TEDx events

Review applications to attend.
Sell tickets on web, Facebook, apps.
Keep in touch with attendees.
Read more: Eventora for TEDx.

Scientific Conferences


Get registrations and collect fees instantly.
Personalized communication with attendees.
Add value for sponsors.
Abstract submission and online review.

For any event

Events for brands

Promote brands and sponsors.
Send mass, personalised RSVPs, tickets, follow-ups.
Check-in your guests.
For open or invtation-only events.

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Available for all countries.
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Powerful, yet simple.

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