Plans for physical events.



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  • 100 attendees per year
  • Unlimited events
  • 200 RSVPs



Free 14-day trial.
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  • 300 attendees per year
  • Unlimited events
  • 600 RSVPs



Free 14-day trial.
No credit card required.


  • 600 attendees per year
  • Unlimited events
  • 1,200 RSVPs



Free 14-day trial.
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  • 1,500 attendees per year
  • Unlimited events
  • 3,000 RSVPs


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  • Custom attendees per year
  • Unlimited events
  • RSVPs

Plans for online and hybrid events.



  • Registrations
    Booths with video chat
    Networking with video chat
  • Unlimited events
  • Email support
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Online Plus

  • Everything in Online +
  • Collect payments
    1-on-1 scheduled meetings on timeslots
    Contest with online reviewers
  • Custom design,  forms , pages and  e-mail templates
  • Set up services
  • Phone Support
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Included in physical event plans

Custom Forms

Select from ready-made fields or create your own fields .

Payment integration

Collect money directly to your Stripe or PayPal account. More payment gateways available for selected countries.


Send personalized RSVPs to your guests.

Badges and Certificates

Customize badges and certificates with your own design.

Custom messages

Customise email messages and templates.

Check-in apps

Eventora Scanner app for iPhone and Android for ticket scannning.

Embed in your website

Embed the registration form in your website or customize your event page on Eventora.

Real time reports

Track registrations and sales on event dashboard.

Export Data

Export all your registration data to Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions for physical events.

Is there a limit on the number of events I can create?

There is no limit, you can create as many events as you want. The total number of registrations from all events cannot exceed the number of registrations that your plan includes.

How can I make a payment?

You can make a payment with your credit or debit card.  If you prefer an alternative payment method please contact us.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

You can upgrade at any time. You can downgrade to a smaller plan only if you haven't already consumed more registrations than the smaller plan provides.  For any help on upgrading or downgrading please contact us.

Can I cancel my subscription before  the year?

Subscription has a 12 month duration and automatically renews for 12 months until you choose to cancel it. If you cancel before the 12 month period, your card will continue to be charged monthly until your have made 12 payments  from the beginning of the current annual cycle. If you prefer a plan with a duration of less than 12 months please contact us.

None of the plans  suits my needs. What can I do?

If none of the plans suits your needs, we will be happy to provide additional options for you. Please contact us.

What if I forget to cancel my account?

If you have forgotten to cancel your account and you haven't used it since the renewal date, we are happy to refund payments made since the renewal date. Please contact us.


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