Sponsorship and discounted pricing for TEDx events

 Completely free for your first event on Eventora for up to 100 attendees
 Discounted, low flat pricing for bigger events. No commission on ticket sales.
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Sell tickets with no commission

 Low, flat fee
 Receive money instantly into your Stripe or PayPal account
 Easily add to your website and Facebook Page
Send branded personal invitations

 Send RSVPs and follow up easily
 Send complimentary tickets to guests and sponsors
 Customize templates with logos and your design
Badges, tickets and emails with custom design

 Customize tickets for Wallet and PDF
 Customize badges with logos and attendee photo
 Customize and send certificates of event attendance

Analytics and retargeting

 Track source of ticket sales
 Track conversions with Google Analytics integration
 Retarget with Facebook Pixel and Taboola integrations
All event types supported

 Open, apply-to-attend, invitations-only
 Multiple days and sessions
On event day

 Fast check-in with our scanner app
 Welcome guests and display logos on Welcome Displays
 Integration with our apps: Questions, Polls, Meetings, Lead Generation. API for your web and mobile apps

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Case Study


TEDxCERN is an 800+ event organized by CERN, one of the world's largest centres for scientific research, near Geneva.

The organizing team sends personal invitations, design event badges and use our app for fast check-in.

In addition, our API was used by the TEDxCERN event app.
Case Study


TEDxDresden is a 500+ event taking place in August at the beautiful Staatsoperette.

Attendees choose their seats in the available seat zones. Specific seats are reserved and assigned to special guests.

Registration experience is offered in both German and English languages.
Case Study


TEDxECUAD is an Emily Carr University of Art and Design TEDx event, taking place in Vancouver.

The organizing team used our "Apply to attend" workflow to receive and review applications. Accepted applicants were sent a unique link to buy their ticket.

TEDxECUAD participated in our sponsorship programme.